Commit 3f689156 authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

Add verbose debugging on receving new devices

parent a61bf9a8
......@@ -1548,6 +1548,10 @@ void EkosManager::processRemoteDevice(ISD::GDInterface *devInterface)
if (Options::verboseLogging())
qDebug() << "Received new remote device " << deviceName << " nDevices: " << nDevices << " nRemoteDevices: " << nRemoteDevices;
connect(devInterface, SIGNAL(Connected()), this, SLOT(deviceConnected()));
connect(devInterface, SIGNAL(Disconnected()), this, SLOT(deviceDisconnected()));
connect(devInterface, SIGNAL(propertyDefined(INDI::Property*)), this, SLOT(processNewProperty(INDI::Property*)));
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