Commit a9b53f98 authored by Script Kiddy's avatar Script Kiddy

SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours

In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
parent 688f106f
......@@ -155,6 +155,7 @@ Comment[pt]=Aprender a escrever sem olhar para as teclas
Comment[sk]=Naučte sa písať bez pozerania na klávesy
Comment[sl]=Naučite se tipkati, brez da bi gledali na tipke
Comment[sv]=Lär dig maskinskrivning utan att titta på tangenterna
Comment[tr]=Tuşlara bakmadan yazmayı öğrenin
Comment[uk]=Вчимося набирати текст, не дивлячись на клавіатуру
Comment[x-test]=xxLearn typing without looking for keysxx
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