Commit e675c836 authored by Luigi Toscano's avatar Luigi Toscano
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Basic updates for documentation (doc and man)

- requires KDocTools;
- use the new DTDs;
- basic changes according the new guidelines: update release
  info/product, remove installation instructions;
- remove now useless 'package' entity;
- cleanup man page options;
- small wording change ('KDE' usage).
parent 6bc3ede3
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ find_package(KF5 REQUIRED COMPONENTS
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.2-Based Variant V1.1//EN"
"dtd/kdex.dtd" [
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.5-Based Variant V1.1//EN"
"dtd/kdedbx45.dtd" [
<!ENTITY i18n-ktouch "<application>Typewriting Trainer</application>">
<!ENTITY kappname "&i18n-ktouch;"><!-- replace kapp here -->
<!ENTITY package "kdeedu">
<!ENTITY % addindex "IGNORE">
<!ENTITY % English "INCLUDE"><!-- change language only here -->
......@@ -52,8 +51,8 @@
<releaseinfo>&ktouch; 2.3.0 (Applications 15.12)</releaseinfo>
<para>&i18n-ktouch; is a program for learning to touch type. &i18n-ktouch;
......@@ -1555,17 +1554,6 @@ contributors of keyboard and lesson files.</emphasis>
<appendix id="installation">
<title>How to obtain and install &i18n-ktouch;</title>
<sect1 id="Compilation">
<title>Compilation and Installation</title>
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.2-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdex.dtd" [
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.5-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdedbx45.dtd" [
<!ENTITY % English "INCLUDE">
<refentry lang="&language;">
<title>KDE User's Manual</title>
<title>&ktouch; User's Manual</title>
<contrib>KTouch man page.</contrib>
<productname>K Desktop Environment</productname>
<releaseinfo>&ktouch; 2.3.0 (Applications 15.12)</releaseinfo>
<productname>KDE Applications</productname>
......@@ -20,16 +21,14 @@
<refpurpose>a typing tutor for KDE</refpurpose>
<refpurpose>a typing tutor by KDE</refpurpose>
<group choice="opt"><option>URL</option></group>
<arg choice="opt">KDE Generic Options</arg>
<arg choice="opt">Qt Generic Options</arg>
<arg choice="opt">KTouch Options</arg>
<arg choice="opt">options</arg>
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