Commit 36a3606c authored by Alexander Semke's avatar Alexander Semke
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[worksheet] added missing double validators in the text fields for plot

ranges in the plot properties widget.
parent 4687f849
......@@ -67,6 +67,11 @@ CartesianPlotDock::CartesianPlotDock(QWidget* parent) : BaseDock(parent) {
ui.leXMin->setValidator(new QDoubleValidator(ui.leXMin));
ui.leXMax->setValidator(new QDoubleValidator(ui.leXMax));
ui.leYMin->setValidator(new QDoubleValidator(ui.leYMin));
ui.leYMax->setValidator(new QDoubleValidator(ui.leYMax));
//"Range breaks"-tab
ui.bAddXBreak->setIcon( QIcon::fromTheme("list-add") );
ui.bRemoveXBreak->setIcon( QIcon::fromTheme("list-remove") );
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