Commit 50059f9e authored by Alexander Semke's avatar Alexander Semke

Avoid plot range changes when making the plot invisible and visible again.

parent 5f168a58
......@@ -84,14 +84,22 @@ void WorksheetElementContainer::setVisible(bool on) {
if (on) {
beginMacro( i18n("%1: set visible", name()) );
exec( new WorksheetElementContainerSetVisibleCmd(d, on, ki18n("%1: set visible")) );
} else {
} else
beginMacro( i18n("%1: set invisible", name()) );
//change the visibility of all children
QVector<WorksheetElement*> childList = children<WorksheetElement>(AbstractAspect::ChildIndexFlag::IncludeHidden | AbstractAspect::ChildIndexFlag::Compress);
for (auto* elem : childList)
for (auto* elem : childList) {
auto* curve = dynamic_cast<XYCurve*>(elem);
if (curve) {
//making curves invisible triggers the recalculation of plot ranges if auto-scale is active.
//this needs to avoided by supressing the retransformation in the curves.
} else
//if visible is set false, change the visibility of the container last
if (!on)
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