Commit 977489b9 authored by Alexander Semke's avatar Alexander Semke

Removed the additional if-statement in

SettingsGeneralPage::decimalSeparatorLocale() since this case is also
handled later in the switch-case statement. This caused the selection
"Comma" being not saved properly.
parent 802cbb53
......@@ -76,8 +76,6 @@ QLocale::Language SettingsGeneralPage::decimalSeparatorLocale() const {
int currentIndex = ui.cbDecimalSeparator->currentIndex();
DEBUG(" SYSTEM LOCALE: " << STDSTRING(QLocale().name()) << ':' << QLocale().language())
DEBUG(" SYSTEM SEPARATING CHAR: " << STDSTRING(QString(QLocale().decimalPoint())) )
if (currentIndex == static_cast<int>(decimalSeparator())) // system decimal separator selected
return QLocale::Language::AnyLanguage;
QChar groupSeparator{QLocale().groupSeparator()};
switch (currentIndex) {
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