Commit ed9d5d7b authored by Stefan Gerlach's avatar Stefan Gerlach

Merge branch 'master' into frameworks

parents 18b4a2ee 981ddcd2
......@@ -88,9 +88,14 @@ void TextLabel::init() {
d->textWrapper.teXUsed = group.readEntry("TeXUsed", false);
d->teXFontSize = group.readEntry("TeXFontSize", 12);
d->teXFontColor = group.readEntry("TeXFontColor", QColor(Qt::black));
d->rotationAngle = group.readEntry("Rotation", 0.0);
// explicitly set no wrap mode for text label to avoid unnecessary line breaks
QTextOption textOption;
//position and alignment relevant properties, dependent on the actual type
if (m_type == PlotTitle || m_type == PlotLegendTitle) {
d->position.horizontalPosition = (HorizontalPosition) group.readEntry("PositionX", (int)TextLabel::hPositionCenter);
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