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    Support translation catalogs added in KDE Application release tarball · 746d3138
    Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
    Starting with KDE Applications 17.04 the po files for the translations
    are now added to the tarball of the sources they belong to, instead of
    being released separately.
    The release script also makes the assumption that all KDE Applications
    use CMake, ECM and KI18n and simply inject the lines
    to the end of the toplevel CMakeLists.txt.
    Which does not work for Marble. To solve this, the release script
    creating the KDE Applications tarballs gives Marble some special handling.
    Additionally Marble's buildsystem needs to handle the case of Qt-only
    building, where both macros are not available.
    This patch solves this for now  by using a custom macro for the po->qm files,
    and (in a temporary hacky way) calling ki18n_install in a subdir
    where the macro is known due to linking against KI18n and which will be
    skipt in qt-only builds.
    For that this patch moves the existing code for handling the
    po->qm translations for the bundle packaging of marble-maps into the
    global MarbleMacros.cmake file and adapts it, so it can be reused also
    for the release tarball po->qm files.
    Test Plan:
    Without po and poqm file build works as before.
    Copied the po and poqm files from the released tarballs into the
    toplevel dir, qm & mo files were created and installed as they should.
    Custom bundle_translations target also works as before.
    Reviewers: rahn, nienhueser, ltoscano, aacid
    Reviewed By: nienhueser
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D5648
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