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    Refactoring of the DBus Interface · ac2a7714
    Dennis Nienhüser authored
    Our current DBus interface exposes all signals, slots and properties of
    both MarbleWidget and MarbleMap to the DBus session bus. There are a
    couple of problems:
    - 3rd party developers who include MarbleWidget have their application
      exposed to DBus and the Marble part of it can be controlled from
    - not all method signatures are compatible with DBus. In particular
      QRegion and Marble specific types cannot be send over DBus (without
      us implementing support for it). In Qt5 there seems to be a change
      that warns against that in the shell. This means that in Qt5 you get
      lots of debug spam all the time in the shell, e.g. a simple map drag
      results in hundreds of warnings a la
        QDBusAbstractAdaptor: Cannot relay signal
    Marble::MarbleMap::renderStateChanged(RenderState): Unregistered input
    type in parameter list: RenderState
        QDBusAbstractAdaptor: Cannot relay signal
    ates::Unit): Unregistered input type in parameter list:
        QDBusAbstractAdaptor: Cannot relay signal
    Marble::MarbleMap::repaintNeeded(QRegion): Type not registered with
    QtDBus in parameter list: QRegion
    - it's an utter mess. Currently we expose more than 120 (!) Marble
      specific things to DBus
    The patch tries to improve that by
    - Not exposing anything to DBus in the library, but only from the Qt
      and KDE applications (i.e. move session bus registration to
    - Expose only a limited subset of methods and properties (implemented
      in the new class MarbleDBusInterface)
    The drawbacks are that we're changing the interface (hence break any
    external scripts etc. that rely on it), and limit it at the same time
    -- some information that people might be using is not available
    anymore. I'm not aware of anyone really using the DBus interface
    though, so I'd risk changing it. For limited functionality I'm happy to
    bring in more things if there's a sane use case behind it.
    REVIEW: 123896
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