Commit 3d649b95 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano

i18n: fix extraction of legend strings with double quotes

Make sure to escape them, otherwise the double quotes conflicts with
the fake C++ QCoreApplication::translate() calls used to extract the

(cherry picked from commit c0a759d9)
parent 24213c9e
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ cat data/legend.html \
-e 's/<!--[- "&'\''./0-9:;<=>A-Z_a-z]*-->[\t ]*/\n/g' \
-e 's/<[A-Za-z0-9]*\( [a-z:]*=\"[-A-Za-z0-9:/_.% ]*\"\)*>[\t ]*/\n/g' \
-e 's/<\/[A-Za-z0-9]*>[\t ]*/\n/g' \
| sed -e 's/^ *//' -e 's/ *$//' -e 's/^&nbsp;$//' -e '/^$/d' \
| sed -e 's/^ *//' -e 's/ *$//' -e 's/^&nbsp;$//' -e '/^$/d' -e 's/"/\\"/g' \
| sed -e 's/^\(.*\)$/\/\/: file data\/legend.html\nQCoreApplication::translate(\"Legends\", \"\1\");/' \
>> rc.cpp
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