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Note which steps can be done elsewhere than on the production system

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......@@ -42,7 +42,8 @@ See configuration files in the etc/ subdir.
### Static low-z tile generation
run from ../natural-earth-vector-tiling.
run from ../natural-earth-vector-tiling. For this to work, all its dependencies (including marble-vectorosm-tilecreator)
have to be in `PATH`.
mkdir -p /k/osm/htdocs/earth/vectorosm/v1/
......@@ -52,19 +53,24 @@ mkdir -p /k/osm/cache/natural_earth
TODO: this still generates files in its source dir, so probably this is better run inside the cache directory instead?
The source data updates infrequently, so a low-frequency cron job is an option.
The source data updates infrequently, so a low-frequency cron job is an option. This can also be done locally or otherwise
off the live system, the resulting amount of data is small enough to be rsync'ed.
### Dynamic high-z tile generation
Preparing the land polygon input data by running:
`marble-vectorosm-process-land-polygons -c /k/osm/cache`
This step can also be done offline and the result copied to the production system.
Preparing the OSMX database:
* Download the latest full planet data dump (in PBF format!) from a mirror listed here:
* Run `osmx expand planet.osm.pbf /k/osm/cache/planet.osmx` to create the OSMX database.
* The downloaded data dump can be discarded afterwards to free some disk space.
This step produces by far the most data, doing this on a different system is probably not feasible in most cases.
Initial pre-generation of level 11 tiles:
......@@ -115,7 +121,7 @@ For input data updates:
* Initial creation of the OSMX database takes 6h, needs 8GB RAM and generates 700GB on disk in a single file.
* Incremental updates: 100MB download and about 20s CPU time per day, and 6GB RAM peak during that.
* Land polygons:
* 600MB download
* 600MB disk space, 16k inodes
* 700MB download
* 1GB disk space, 16k inodes
* and an addtional 1.5GB temporary disk use during generation
* generation takes 2-3 minutes and 4.5GB RAM
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