Commit 485db2e8 authored by Dennis Nienhüser's avatar Dennis Nienhüser
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Remove obsolete N900 workaround

Fixes a crash at plugin unload time when MarbleGlobal has already
been deleted.
parent 4ed00574
......@@ -149,14 +149,7 @@ bool MonavPluginPrivate::startDaemon()
void MonavPluginPrivate::stopDaemon()
// So far Marble is the only application using monav-routingdaemon on Maemo.
// Always shut down the monav server there, since monav-routingdaemon will
// survive a crash of Marble and later block mounting a N900 via USB because
// it has loaded some data from it. This way if Marble crashed and monav blocks
// USB mounting (which the user will not be aware of), another start and shutdown
// of Marble will at least fix the USB mount block.
bool const smallScreen = MarbleGlobal::getInstance()->profiles() & MarbleGlobal::SmallScreen;
if ( smallScreen || m_ownsServer ) {
if ( m_ownsServer ) {
m_ownsServer = false;
QProcess process;
process.startDetached( m_monavDaemonProcess, QStringList() << "-t" );
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