Commit 4f42b723 authored by Dennis Nienhüser's avatar Dennis Nienhüser
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Do not create invalid tile IDs for longitude = +180 degree values

parent cbf676ab
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ TileIterator::TileIterator(const GeoDataLatLonBox &latLonBox, int zoomLevel)
unsigned int N = pow(2, zoomLevel);
m_bounds.setLeft(TileId::lon2tileX(west, N));
m_bounds.setTop(TileId::lat2tileY(north, N));
m_bounds.setRight(TileId::lon2tileX(east, N));
m_bounds.setRight(qMin(N-1, TileId::lon2tileX(east, N)));
m_bounds.setBottom(TileId::lat2tileY(south, N));
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