Commit 5408668d authored by Dennis Nienhüser's avatar Dennis Nienhüser
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Save some space by not installing unused files (part of tile data now)

parent 1f27b564
......@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ class Filter(object):
# Large images from example KML tour
return [item for item in files if item.endswith('.png') or item.endswith('.jpg')]
elif dir == '/assets/data/placemarks':
# Moon placemarks
return ['moonlandingsites.cache', 'moonterrain.cache']
# Only include very basic placemarks
return ['moonlandingsites.cache', 'moonterrain.cache', 'elevplacemarks.cache', 'otherplacemarks.cache', 'cityplacemarks.cache']
elif dir == '/assets/data/placemarks':
# Large images. worldmap.svg is used by the overviewmap, bring back if that plugin should be enabled
return ['application-x-marble.svg', 'marsmap.svg', 'marble-logo.svg', 'lunarmap.svg', 'worldmap.svg']
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