Commit 552cb9ae authored by Luigi Toscano's avatar Luigi Toscano

Fix the reference to from marble-qt

- use the canonical URL (with variables, without namespace);
- let the website handle the fallback to the English language
  if no translated documentation is found. The existing logic
  did not work anyway.
parent 38d64ac3
......@@ -899,12 +899,9 @@ void MainWindow::handbook()
const QString code = MarbleLocale::languageCode();
QUrl handbookLocation(QLatin1String("") + code + QLatin1String("/kdeedu/marble/index.html"));
// TODO: this logic seems broken. Should that check "code.isEmpty()" instead?
// and how do we know there is a doc for the code?
if ( handbookLocation.isEmpty() )
handbookLocation = QUrl("");
// falls back to the English manual if no translated
// documentation is available for the requested language.
QUrl handbookLocation(QLatin1String("") + code);
if( !QDesktopServices::openUrl( handbookLocation ) )
qDebug() << "URL not opened";
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