Commit 597f76f0 authored by Torsten Rahn's avatar Torsten Rahn Committed by Torsten Rahn
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Regression fix: Let the search listview show search results again.

parent 57c554e6
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ bool BranchFilterProxyModel::filterAcceptsRow( int sourceRow, const QModelIndex
// return true for all non folder children of m_branchIndex
if( sourceParent == m_branchIndex ) {
GeoDataObject* obj = qvariant_cast<GeoDataObject*>( MarblePlacemarkModel::ObjectPointerRole ) );
return dynamic_cast<const GeoDataContainer *>(obj);
return !dynamic_cast<const GeoDataContainer *>(obj);
// return true if rowIndex is a parent of m_branchIndex
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