Commit 5ded04e1 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Don't discard any OSM nodes with tags during loading

This affects a very small amount of nodes that are not currently rendered
by Marble (e.g. various types of free-standing ticket vending machines).
With this change those are also included in the generated o5m tiles, which
matters for other users than Marble (and presumably Marble would want to
show those properly eventually too).

This also require a minor change to Marble's style selection, as unknown
nodes were shown with the default style (a yellow dot) so far, which is
undesired I assume (but made it very easy to verify this is only a small
amount in total).
parent bfd57531
......@@ -2091,7 +2091,7 @@ GeoDataStyle::ConstPtr StyleBuilder::Private::presetStyle(GeoDataPlacemark::GeoD
const_cast<StyleBuilder::Private *>(this)->initializeDefaultStyles(); // const cast due to lazy initialization
if (visualCategory != GeoDataPlacemark::None && m_defaultStyle[visualCategory]) {
if (m_defaultStyle[visualCategory]) {
return m_defaultStyle[visualCategory];
} else {
return m_defaultStyle[GeoDataPlacemark::Default];
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ GeoDataPlacemark *OsmNode::create() const
GeoDataPlacemark::GeoDataVisualCategory const category = StyleBuilder::determineVisualCategory(m_osmData);
if (category == GeoDataPlacemark::None) {
if (category == GeoDataPlacemark::None && m_osmData.isEmpty()) {
return nullptr;
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