Commit 707de860 authored by Torsten Rahn's avatar Torsten Rahn Committed by Torsten Rahn
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Add MarbleQuickItem::centerOnCoordinates().

parent 94c6fffc
......@@ -451,6 +451,10 @@ namespace Marble
d->centerOn(longitude, latitude);
void MarbleQuickItem::centerOnCoordinates(qreal longitude, qreal latitude) {
centerOn(longitude, latitude);
void MarbleQuickItem::centerOnCurrentPosition()
GeoDataCoordinates coordinates = d->model()->positionTracking()->currentLocation();
......@@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ namespace Marble
Q_PROPERTY(bool showScaleBar READ showScaleBar WRITE setShowScaleBar NOTIFY showScaleBarChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool showBackground READ showBackground WRITE setShowBackground NOTIFY showBackgroundChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool showPositionMarker READ showPositionMarker WRITE setShowPositionMarker NOTIFY showPositionMarkerChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool showRuntimeTrace WRITE setShowRuntimeTrace)
Q_PROPERTY(QString positionProvider READ positionProvider WRITE setPositionProvider NOTIFY positionProviderChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool positionAvailable READ positionAvailable NOTIFY positionAvailableChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool positionVisible READ positionVisible NOTIFY positionVisibleChanged)
......@@ -85,6 +84,7 @@ namespace Marble
void centerOn(const GeoDataLatLonBox& box, bool animated = false);
void centerOn(const GeoDataCoordinates& coordinate);
void centerOn(qreal longitude, qreal latitude);
Q_INVOKABLE void centerOnCoordinates(qreal longitude, qreal latitude);
Q_INVOKABLE void centerOnCurrentPosition();
void zoomIn(FlyToMode mode = Automatic);
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ namespace Marble
void setPropertyEnabled(const QString &property, bool enabled);
bool isPropertyEnabled(const QString &property) const;
void setShowRuntimeTrace(bool showRuntimeTrace);
Q_INVOKABLE void setShowRuntimeTrace(bool showRuntimeTrace);
void paint(QPainter *painter);
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