Commit 7463cfd0 authored by Bernhard Beschow's avatar Bernhard Beschow
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no need to inherit from GeoDataCoordinatesPrivate

This is a follow-up commit on 05acba92.
parent 882d42a3
......@@ -406,21 +406,22 @@ class GEODATA_EXPORT GeoDataCoordinates
* convenience function that uses the default notation
QString latToString() const;
virtual bool operator==( const GeoDataCoordinates& ) const;
virtual bool operator !=( const GeoDataCoordinates& ) const;
bool operator==(const GeoDataCoordinates &other) const;
bool operator!=(const GeoDataCoordinates &other) const;
GeoDataCoordinates& operator=( const GeoDataCoordinates &other );
/** Serialize the contents of the feature to @p stream. */
virtual void pack( QDataStream& stream ) const;
void pack(QDataStream &stream) const;
/** Unserialize the contents of the feature from @p stream. */
virtual void unpack( QDataStream& stream );
virtual void detach();
GeoDataCoordinatesPrivate* d;
void unpack(QDataStream &stream);
void detach();
GeoDataCoordinatesPrivate *d;
static GeoDataCoordinates::Notation s_notation;
static const GeoDataCoordinates null;
......@@ -12,13 +12,11 @@
#include "GeoDataGeometry_p.h"
#include "GeoDataCoordinates_p.h"
namespace Marble
class GeoDataPointPrivate : public GeoDataGeometryPrivate,
public GeoDataCoordinatesPrivate
class GeoDataPointPrivate : public GeoDataGeometryPrivate
GeoDataCoordinates m_coordinates;
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