Commit 7c490323 authored by Dennis Nienhüser's avatar Dennis Nienhüser

Fix parameter

parent c799e6ca
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ void GeoDataContainer::remove(int index, int count)
p()->m_vector.remove( index, count );
int GeoDataContainer::removeAll(GeoDataFeature* const &feature)
int GeoDataContainer::removeAll(GeoDataFeature *feature)
return p()->m_vector.removeAll(feature);
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ class GEODATA_EXPORT GeoDataContainer : public GeoDataFeature
void remove(int index, int count);
int removeAll(GeoDataFeature* const &feature);
int removeAll(GeoDataFeature* feature);
void removeAt(int index);
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