Commit 89c5847c authored by Dennis Nienhüser's avatar Dennis Nienhüser
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Don't repeat yourself

parent e8e5e429
......@@ -183,11 +183,7 @@ GeoDataDocument *TinyPlanetProcessor::cutToTiles(unsigned int zoomLevel, unsigne
void TinyPlanetProcessor::copyTags(const GeoDataPlacemark &source, GeoDataPlacemark &target) const
auto const originalPlacemarkData = source.osmData();
OsmPlacemarkData & osmData = target.osmData();
for (auto iter=originalPlacemarkData.tagsBegin(), end=originalPlacemarkData.tagsEnd(); iter != end; ++iter) {
osmData.addTag(iter.key(), iter.value());
copyTags(source.osmData(), target.osmData());
void TinyPlanetProcessor::copyTags(const OsmPlacemarkData &originalPlacemarkData, OsmPlacemarkData &targetOsmData) const
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