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doc: remove download/build instructions

They do not belong to an user-facing documentation, but rather to
separate download/build development pages.
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...@@ -1485,33 +1485,6 @@ url="">ownClowd official website</ulink>.</para> ...@@ -1485,33 +1485,6 @@ url="">ownClowd official website</ulink>.</para>
</chapter> </chapter>
<appendix id="installation">
<sect1 id="requirements">
&marble; itself can be found on the <ulink
url="">&marble; website</ulink> and
is part of the &kde;-Edu project</para>
<para>You can find a list of changes in the file
<filename>ChangeLog</filename> in the distribution of
<sect1 id="compilation">
<title>Compilation and Installation</title>
&marble; can be compiled as a &Qt; 5-only version as well as featuring &kde; &frameworks; 5 usage.
To compile &marble; with &Qt; 5-only support check out &marble; from its &kde; Git repository into ~/marble and just do: <command>cmake -DWITH_KF5=FALSE ~/marble</command> and <command>sudo make install</command>. To compile &marble; with &kde; &frameworks; 5 usage check instructions on how to compile &kde; applications at <ulink url="">&kde;'s TechBase</ulink>.
&documentation.index; &documentation.index;
</book> </book>
<!-- <!--
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