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Marble Bugs
Please use
This is the Marble bug file. It exists mainly so that we can see what
bugsthere are before we start using the KDE bugzilla for real.
for viewing and reporting bugs related to Marble.
BUG Something is wrong; this should be fixed
ENHANCEMENT Do something already existing in a better way.
FEATURE The application should do something new.
If we want to implement one or more of these for a certain version, it
should be listed in the TODO file. This file is just a collection.
The bugs
0001 BUG
The "bullet points" on the left of geographical objects are not
vertically aligned with the text -- intended?
tackat: Yes, it's intended. Labels on maps are usually placed in
certain discrete allowed positions to avoid overlap of the
labels. In Marble the labels are placed either on the top left, top
right, left bottom or right bottom.
Panning with the nav buttons on the left should be smooth --
otherwise it's irritating.
tackat: Well that's not easy to solve. As you pointed out there are
still installs where Marble is slower than on others. "Smooth"
scrolling would take eternally long on these if not implemented
taking into account such scenarios. So currently the current
solution is just the pragmatic solution to give fast navigation to
all users.
0003 BUG
Why are some cities titled in italic? Maybe add a legend thing at
first run, easily closable.
tackat: That's indeed an oversight on my part. It was originally
mentioned in the Legend what the font properties (bold, underlined,
etc.) were meant to represent.
0004 BUG
Flags needs a border
tackat: Yes, it only now occurred to me that the widget could be
white indeed (very unlikely for the final version but ...). I don't
want to add a border. But I'll add a slight shadow instead.
0005 BUG
"city" should be right aligned, on the same row as the name of the
tackat: No. There is enough space below the name of the city. But
for some languages putting it into the same line as the name of the
placemark (which is very long in some cases already) this would
definitely conflict with the length of the translation of the
placemark type ("Capital", "Capital of Region", etc.).
"Short Description" field should be omitted when no short description
is available.
tackat: I applied another change in recent SVN instead which makes
the Wikipedia feature more visible.
"Data sheet" sounds pretty technical. How about "information"?
tackat: Accidentally I used "Data Sheet" in two places: The Window
title and the tab. The first tab should indeed be just a "data
sheet" (Information is pretty useless as basically everything on the
screen is "information". Naming the Window title "Data Sheet" is
indeed an oversight from the times where the Wikipedia tab didn't
exist. I'll name it "Marble Info Center" instead.
The list of geographical objects on the left doesn't respect my
singleclick settings.
tackat: I want to avoid that if you go through the list using cursor
keys that each key press triggers a map update. That's why you need
to either double click or click once and press "Enter" to trigger a
map update. I will look into this issue.
Make the list flexible, instead of the zoom slider.
tackat: No.
The navigation sidebar should be a qdockwidget.
tackat: Yes, it's far from ideal yet and we do indeed think about
using a solution similar to a QDockWidget instead.
Make measure points draggable.
tackat: That would be a cool feature indeed. For now I think there
are more important things to fix though given that the
implementation of this feature would pose quite a challenge.
Fast mouse panning is ignored.
tackat: What's "fast" mouse panning meant to be?
0015 BUG
Black text sometimes gets lost in the deep space blackness, when
completely zoomed out.
tackat: That's a know issue. The problem is that I haven't heard
anybody come up with a really good solution (And no, I neither want
outlines used everywhere nor changing font colors, nor opaque
Panning and zooming are quite slow on my machine -- AMD Sempron
2300+, 512MB RAM, nVidia GeForce FX 5500 with binary drivers.
tackat: Do a "marble --timedemo" on the command line to define
"slow". Yes, it's a known issue that certain AMD + ... combinations
are incredibly slow. This is partially due to crappy X drivers. I
still yet have to see marble on Windows running "slow" ;-( We are
working on it but it's not easy to fix.
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This file describes how to build and install Marble
The most recent version of this file can be found at:
NOTE: This file describes how to build Marble as a stand-alone
application. If you are building Marble as part of the KDE-EDU
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