Commit da611f66 authored by Bernhard Beschow's avatar Bernhard Beschow
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remove redundant code

Buildings are taken care for already by osmVisualCategory().
parent b8d82b4f
......@@ -1965,12 +1965,6 @@ GeoDataFeature::GeoDataVisualCategory StyleBuilder::determineVisualCategory(cons
return GeoDataFeature::None;
auto tagIter = osmData.findTag(QStringLiteral("building"));
if (tagIter != osmData.tagsEnd() &&
buildingValues().contains(tagIter.value())) {
return GeoDataFeature::Building;
if( osmData.containsTag("natural", "glacier") && osmData.containsTag("glacier:type", "shelf") ){
return GeoDataFeature::NaturalIceShelf;
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