Commit dae74a95 authored by Johannes Zarl-Zierl's avatar Johannes Zarl-Zierl Committed by Torsten Rahn
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Bump marble version

parent 61306a86
......@@ -244,14 +244,14 @@ const qreal TWOPI = 2 * M_PI;
// String for about dialog and http user agent
// FIXME: check if blanks are allowed in user agent version numbers
const QString MARBLE_VERSION_STRING = QString::fromLatin1( "0.27.20 (0.28 development version)" );
const QString MARBLE_VERSION_STRING = QString::fromLatin1("21.04");
// API Version id:
// form : 0xMMmmpp
// MM = major revision.
// mm = minor revision.
// pp = patch revision.
#define MARBLE_VERSION 0x001b14
static const char NOT_AVAILABLE[] = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Marble", "not available");
  • @johanneszarl can we keep version data syntax as before? I mean like 0xMMmmpp instead of QT_VERSION_CHECK(x,y,z) the reason for this : Otherwise, we need to prepare a patch to kexi's FindKexiMarble.cmake file because it is just trying to take those numbers with regex, and with this new style it will break its system.

  • @usta If I have anything to say about it I would propose going with merge request !45 (merged) instead. With !45 (merged) you can straight up use the version from MarbleConfigVersion.cmake without any regex magic. Would that work for you?

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