Commit de6aeab8 authored by Akshat Tandon's avatar Akshat Tandon
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Enable tag-mapping of lower priority roads.

They had been commented out previously so as to keep only primary/important roads in lower zoom levels.
parent 6bc32db9
......@@ -119,13 +119,13 @@ def purpose(data):
def road_map(data):
keys = {
#'Ferry Route': [('route','ferry')],
'Ferry Route': [('route','ferry')],
'Major Highway': [('highway','motorway')],
'Beltway': [('highway','primary')],
#'Track': [('highway','tertiary')],
#'Unknown': [('highway','unclassified')],
#'Secondary Highway': [('highway','trunk')],
#'Bypass': [('highway','secondary')],
'Track': [('highway','tertiary')],
'Unknown': [('highway','unclassified')],
'Secondary Highway': [('highway','trunk')],
'Bypass': [('highway','secondary')],
'Road': [('highway','primary')]
if 'type' in data:
......@@ -144,17 +144,7 @@ def city_map(data):
country = data['adm0name']
temp = [('is_in:country', country), ('capital', capital), ('population', population), ('place', 'city') ]
return temp
def airport_map(data):
global id_counter, file_counter, counter, file_name, open_file, namespace
wid = id_counter - 1
print("<way id='-%s'>" % wid, end = '\n', file = open_file)
print(" <nd ref='-%s' />" % i, end = '\n', file = open_file)
if geom_name == 'POLYGON':
print(" <nd ref='-%s' />" % ids[0], end = '\n', file = open_file)
print("</way>" , end = '\n', file = open_file)
def mountain_map(data):
elevation = 0
if 'elevation' in data:
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