Commit eef771a4 authored by Bernhard Beschow's avatar Bernhard Beschow
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remove declaration of unimplemented method

parent 1ae9675b
......@@ -25,8 +25,6 @@ class GeoGraphicsItem;
class GeoDataFeature;
class GeoDataLatLonBox;
class GeoGraphicsScenePrivate;
class GeoDataDocument;
class GeoDataStyleMap;
class GeoDataPlacemark;
......@@ -77,15 +75,6 @@ public:
QList<GeoGraphicsItem*> selectedItems() const;
* @brief Set the GeoGraphicsItem @p graphicsItem
* to use highlight style.
* @return Returns true if highlight style is
* successfully applied to item @p item .
bool setHighlightStyle( GeoGraphicsItem *item, const GeoDataDocument *document,
const GeoDataStyleMap &styleMap );
public Q_SLOTS:
void applyHighlight( const QVector<GeoDataPlacemark*>& );
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