Commit f0843d32 authored by Johnny Jazeix's avatar Johnny Jazeix
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fix data directory on Windows platforms

parent 9ed0eb00
......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ QString MarbleDirs::systemPath()
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
return QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() + QDir::separator() + QLatin1String("data");
return QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() + QDir::separator() + ".." + QDir::separator() + QLatin1String("data");
#ifdef Q_OS_MACX
  • mentioned in merge request packaging/craft-blueprints-kde!121 (closed)

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  • That looks wrong. How about qstandarddirs

  • That is what you recommended in packaging/craft-blueprints-kde!121 (comment 219500).

    The actual installation tree is C:\Program Files\Marble:


    QStandardPaths::standardLocations(QStandardPaths::AppDataLocation) does not return this C:\Program Files\Marble\data, but C:\Program Files\Marble\bin\data.

    Do you suggest installing the data in C:\Program Files\Marble\bin\data instead?

    Note that there is already a C:\Program Files\Marble\bin\data filled with dbus-1, info and locale (containing libphonon translations).

  • bin/data is the Windows data dir used by qt and the equivalent to share. data is not really defined.

  • mentioned in commit adc06ef1

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  • Johnny Jazeix @jjazeix

    mentioned in merge request !47 (merged)


    mentioned in merge request !47 (merged)

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