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      Fix automoc related cmake warnings · ba768c96
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Fixes warnings about using automoc in relaxed mode which was required
      for keeping compatibility with older cmake versions. Minimum cmake
      version is now 2.8.6.
      REVIEW: 124333
  5. 03 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      Directory structure reorganization · 1a0dbc18
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Moves files and directories:
      1) src/lib => src/lib/marble
      2) src/*marble-qt related* => src/apps/marble-qt
         src/*marble (KDE) related* => src/apps/marble-kde
         src/qt-components/marble-touch => src/apps/marble-touch
      1) is a preparation to align the structure of installed headers with
      the structure of the library sources, so that we can build tools and
      examples in the same go and detect API changes early.
      2) results in a much more tidy src/ and more intuitive location of the
      sources of the respective applications.
      REVIEW: 112114
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      remove network plugin infrastructure -> always use QNetworkAccessManager · ee8b1377
      Bernhard Beschow authored
      The network plugin infrastructure represents a network abstraction layer.
      However, Marble uses QNetworkAccessManager in a number of places directly, e.g. in the GHNS dialogs and in all the runners.
      Given that QNetworkAccessManager also represents a network abstraction layer, Marble's own network plugin infrastructure shouldn't be neccessary.
      REVIEW: 107919
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      API change: split class RunnerPlugin into Search-, ReverseGeocoding-, Routing-... · 55b040cd
      Bernhard Beschow authored
      API change: split class RunnerPlugin into Search-, ReverseGeocoding-, Routing- and ParseRunnerPlugin
      == Motivation ==
      Splitting the RunnerPlugin class into separate classes scales better since each plugin class can be tailored much better to fit its domain.
      This improves the internal structure of Marble as well as eases plugin writing since there will be no unused API per plugin type.
      == For Plugin Implementers ==
      Since every plugin is now required to have exactly one capability, the former RunnerPlugin::Capability enum as well as the capability getter and setter methods are not needed any more and have been removed.
      The former RenderPlungin::canWork() method, which has only been transferred to a subset of the new runner plugin classes, does not take parameters any more.
      The remaining (esp. virtual) methods have been transferred as needed. See the new runner plugin classes for more details.
      Note: the Q_INTERFACES() macro in implementing classes has to be updated, too.
      REVIEW: 104840
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      Do not unload plugins in PluginManager dtor. · 4a1af05a
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      According to qt documentation this is not needed. Not unloading plugins
      avoids timing issues at destruction time: Plugin related instances can
      be deleted after the deletion of MarbleModel now. Previously
      MarbleModel deleted the PluginManager, which unloaded the plugins and
      then created dangling pointers for plugin related instances not cleaned
      up at that time.
      Should be backported to the KDE/4.8 branch after testing.
      CCBUG: 274558
      CCBUG: 288542
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      Cleanup all loaded plugin instances when the PluginManager is deleted. In... · a66727ed
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Cleanup all loaded plugin instances when the PluginManager is deleted. In contrast to the previous implementation this should deal with multiple MarbleWidget instances correctly.
      Move the duplicated plugin loading code into a common template method. Rename RenderPlugin::pluginInstance to RenderPlugin::newInstance for consistency.
      Delete plugin loader if the loaded plugin is not a valid Marble plugin.
      Increase RenderPlugin interface version. Note that you need to have cmake recreate the .moc files now to have the plugins loaded after a rebuild.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/marble/; revision=1181707
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      Move MarbleAbstractRunner* from src/lib/runners/ to src/lib. Create a... · a71df0d7
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Move MarbleAbstractRunner* from src/lib/runners/ to src/lib. Create a RunnerPlugin class in src/lib, derived from PluginInterface, which adds a new MarbleAbstractRunner factory method. Add support for RunnerPlugins in PluginManager. Move all individual src/lib/runners/*Runner* classes to their own plugins in src/plugins/runner/$name. Change MarbleRunnerManager to use plugins only. Extend MarbleAbstractRunner interface to allow runners do reverse geocoding and routing. MarbleAbstractRunner does not derive from QThread anymore, threads are handled transparently by the MarbleRunnerManager. Use QThreadPool and QRunnable (new class RunnerTask) to execute runners in threads. Move route parsing from RoutingModel to plugins, RoutingModel only accepts GeoDataDocument* from now on. Transform OpenRouteService and Yours RoutingProvider classes into runner plugins. Remove AbstractRoutingProvider, not needed anymore. Add new gosmore runner plugin, it does offline routing by calling the gosmore application and parsing its output. Does nothing if gosmore is not installed or ~/.local/share/marble/maps/earth/gosmore/gosmore.pak does not exist). Routing UI can handle several alternative routes coming in now.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/marble/; revision=1153659
  29. 05 May, 2010 1 commit
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      Plugins are shared among QPluginLoader instances. The root components must not... · 86c822dd
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Plugins are shared among QPluginLoader instances. The root components must not be deleted in the PluginManager dtor, otherwise dangling pointers appear in other PluginManager instances (leads to double deletion attempts). This affects at least applications using more than one MarbleWidget (e.g. digikam).
      CCBUG: 235238
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/marble/; revision=1123153
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