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      Add a GeoDataRelation class, improve hiking route support · 50254e3f
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Similar to GeoDataContainer and GeoDataMultiGeometry. In contrast to
      container types, placemarks are not owned, so sharing is possible. In
      contrast to multi geometry, placemark meta data is preserved.
      This class is needed to group semantically related placemarks without
      duplicating them, useful e.g. to store hiking, ski, public transport
      and similar routes and their alternatives.
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      Create placemarks with point geometry from non-trivial way nodes · 43f3168e
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Previously all nodes of the OSM file were examined (including those
      part of ways and polygons) and completely discarded if their tags
      did not result in a visual category or the visual category was a
      highway one.
      Now those nodes which are part of ways and polygons are removed early
      in case they are trivial (have just a coordinate and an id). This is
      fine because them being part of a way of polygon ensures all
      information is still available. Otherwise they are kept.
      This ensures that stale nodes (trivial but not referenced) are not
      discarded anymore. Parsing should be slightly faster also given
      that trivial nodes which are part of ways are not tried to be
      converted to a placemark anymore.
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      Add a simplified osm xml parser (not yet active) · 7c13310a
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      GeoParser suggests a greedy parsing where geo data items are created
      directly once according tags are encountered. This does not work well
      for OSM where e.g. multiple tags must be evaluated at the same time or
      a relation changes the semantics of a way. A couple of hacks and some
      strange behavior resulted from that, e.g. converting between line
      string, linear ring and polygon at some later stage or creating
      multiple points of interest on top of buildings.
      The simplified parser does one pass now where it extracts the
      information and then interprets them. It is currently deactivated
      by the USE_OLD_OSM_PARSER switch in OsmRunner.cpp in order to easily
      compare both parsers while finishing it. Things left to do:
      - check that osm placemark data is registered consistently
      - check that multipolygon registration is possible at all
      - extract non-trivial multipolygons (old parser is buggy here, new one
        tries to ignore non-trivial ones for now)
      - decide how to render additional POI categories for buildings. Old
        parser created multiple POIs on top of buildings, but including POI
        icons and maybe labels directly inside polygon rendering might be
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