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      Use a tile pyramid to speed up clipping · de120874
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Same approach as in GeoGraphicsScene. Placemarks are assigned a tile
      level that fully contains them once. When clipping to some boundary
      box, only those placemarks on the path towards the top of the pyramid
      can intersect them. Note that this is only a heuristic; checking
      the actual bounding box intersection again afterwards still rules
      out a lot of placemarks that don't actually intersect.
      Rough speed comparison for different approaches:
      A) Slow:      clip all placemarks directly
      B) Medium:    clip all placemarks based on tile pyramid
      C) Fast:      clip all placemarks that intersect with the bounding box
      D) Very fast: clip all placemarks based on tile pyramid that also
                    intersect with the bounding box
      C) is the old implementation, B) something I tested locally and C) the
      new implementation.
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      Load landmass data from tiles · ac952857
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Typical usage:
      marble-vectorosm-tilecreator -o <dir> -z 11,13,15 -m landmass/7 map.o5m
      Where landmass/7 is a directory created before using e.g.
      marble-vectorosm-tilecreator -o landmass -z 7 -k landmass.shp
      (note -o landmass and -z 7 resulting in landmass/7/... tiles)
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      Re-use tile clipping for landmass · 1f1204a5
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      To avoid reading in a large landmass file for the whole world, they
      should be preprocessed into tiles instead. Typical usage:
      marble-vectorosm-tilecreator -o <dir> -z 7 -k landmass.shp
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      Switch to o5m as default extension · 0eccdde0
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
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