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      Use Qt5::* notation with target_link_libraries, & PUBLIC/PRIVATE interfaces · 10aab9db
      Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
      Qt5::* notation is the usual way to refer to the imported cmake targets
      representing the Qt5 modules/libs.
      PUBLIC & PRIVATE link interfaces help to speed up compilation & linking,
      because libs listed in PRIVATE will stay implementation detail of the lib
      and not result in consumers of the lib also having those libs in the link
      list. And it also reduces the amount of includes used, so less dirs to
      search headers in.
      To allow SailfishOS 2.0 builds, which has older cmake, still use
      Reviewers: rahn, nienhueser
      Reviewed By: nienhueser
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D1438
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      Port to KDE Frameworks 5. · cf115885
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Squashed commit of the kde-frameworks-5 branch, which consisted of
      commit 5f8db001 (message repeated below) and some other minor ones.
      Affects apps/marble-kde, bindings (not tested), doc, plasmarunner,
      plasmoid (deactivated as ktimezonewidget is now gone), thumbcreator.
      Also cleans up cmake files: The QTONLY options is gone completely.
      KDE parts are only included where necessary, most notably not in
      src/lib. Since users might still pass it, QTONLY=TRUE is forwarded
      to WITH_KF5=FALSE which matches the old behavior most closely. The new
      behavior is better by default however, not erroring out if KF5 is
      missing, but instead building Qt parts only.
      Additionally the QT5BUILD option is sanitized to behave as originally
      planned: You don't have to pass it anymore when both Qt4 and Qt5 are
      installed, but cmake figures out which of the two to use and the other
      one is disabled (does not interfere anymore).
      Compiles without warnings (aside automoc) and without kde4support
      libraries. I'm pretty sure however that I broke some parts at runtime
      for now, e.g. config saving and installation/loading of some parts.
      I18n is not tested as well. Needs to be taken care of in subsequent
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