1. 01 Jun, 2015 5 commits
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      Refactoring of the DBus Interface · ac2a7714
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Our current DBus interface exposes all signals, slots and properties of
      both MarbleWidget and MarbleMap to the DBus session bus. There are a
      couple of problems:
      - 3rd party developers who include MarbleWidget have their application
        exposed to DBus and the Marble part of it can be controlled from
      - not all method signatures are compatible with DBus. In particular
        QRegion and Marble specific types cannot be send over DBus (without
        us implementing support for it). In Qt5 there seems to be a change
        that warns against that in the shell. This means that in Qt5 you get
        lots of debug spam all the time in the shell, e.g. a simple map drag
        results in hundreds of warnings a la
          QDBusAbstractAdaptor: Cannot relay signal
      Marble::MarbleMap::renderStateChanged(RenderState): Unregistered input
      type in parameter list: RenderState
          QDBusAbstractAdaptor: Cannot relay signal
      ates::Unit): Unregistered input type in parameter list:
          QDBusAbstractAdaptor: Cannot relay signal
      Marble::MarbleMap::repaintNeeded(QRegion): Type not registered with
      QtDBus in parameter list: QRegion
      - it's an utter mess. Currently we expose more than 120 (!) Marble
        specific things to DBus
      The patch tries to improve that by
      - Not exposing anything to DBus in the library, but only from the Qt
        and KDE applications (i.e. move session bus registration to
      - Expose only a limited subset of methods and properties (implemented
        in the new class MarbleDBusInterface)
      The drawbacks are that we're changing the interface (hence break any
      external scripts etc. that rely on it), and limit it at the same time
      -- some information that people might be using is not available
      anymore. I'm not aware of anyone really using the DBus interface
      though, so I'd risk changing it. For limited functionality I'm happy to
      bring in more things if there's a sane use case behind it.
      REVIEW: 123896
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      Port to KDE Frameworks 5. · cf115885
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Squashed commit of the kde-frameworks-5 branch, which consisted of
      commit 5f8db001 (message repeated below) and some other minor ones.
      Affects apps/marble-kde, bindings (not tested), doc, plasmarunner,
      plasmoid (deactivated as ktimezonewidget is now gone), thumbcreator.
      Also cleans up cmake files: The QTONLY options is gone completely.
      KDE parts are only included where necessary, most notably not in
      src/lib. Since users might still pass it, QTONLY=TRUE is forwarded
      to WITH_KF5=FALSE which matches the old behavior most closely. The new
      behavior is better by default however, not erroring out if KF5 is
      missing, but instead building Qt parts only.
      Additionally the QT5BUILD option is sanitized to behave as originally
      planned: You don't have to pass it anymore when both Qt4 and Qt5 are
      installed, but cmake figures out which of the two to use and the other
      one is disabled (does not interfere anymore).
      Compiles without warnings (aside automoc) and without kde4support
      libraries. I'm pretty sure however that I broke some parts at runtime
      for now, e.g. config saving and installation/loading of some parts.
      I18n is not tested as well. Needs to be taken care of in subsequent
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      Bump version numbers for upcoming release. · a630aaad
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Increases so version. This can lead to problems in continuous builds.
      Re-run cmake and remove old plugins/libraries from install path to
      avoid problems. Uninstall any existing version and do a fresh build
      in doubt.
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      Refactored playback logic · b017944a
      Sanjiban Bairagya authored
      Added squad interpolation during playback of tours
      Added a progress bar with seek functionality in tour playbacks
      Made a more minimalistic user interface with just one Play/Pause togglable button
      REVIEW: 118755
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      Directory structure reorganization · 1a0dbc18
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Moves files and directories:
      1) src/lib => src/lib/marble
      2) src/*marble-qt related* => src/apps/marble-qt
         src/*marble (KDE) related* => src/apps/marble-kde
         src/qt-components/marble-touch => src/apps/marble-touch
      1) is a preparation to align the structure of installed headers with
      the structure of the library sources, so that we can build tools and
      examples in the same go and detect API changes early.
      2) results in a much more tidy src/ and more intuitive location of the
      sources of the respective applications.
      REVIEW: 112114
  19. 30 Oct, 2013 6 commits
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      Refactoring. · 931d37d8
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Make Route-/Bookmark-SyncManager classes part of CloudSyncManager.
      Remove CloudSyncManager instance from MarbleModel.
      Implement (partly) initial bookmark sync.
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      Lazy dialog creation · 79753003
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
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      Don't leak m_syncTimer · 6b13ca0f
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
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      Bookmark synchronization with ownCloud · d5488428
      Utku Aydın authored
      REVIEW: 112872
      Create BookmarkSyncManager class and add bookmark synchronization related methods to OwncloudSyncBackend
      Bookmark diff & merge, work in progress
      More bookmark diff & merge, still work in progress
      Update cached timestamp after upload
      Make "sync now" button in settings page functional
      Add bookmark synchronization support to QML bindings
      Add merge conflict dialog
      Attempt to improve conflict handling
      Fix two critical synchronization bugs
      Draw only new widgets on ConflictDialog, delete old ones properly
      Add conflict resolution support to QML bindings
      Add enable/disable toggle for bookmark sync
      Make placemark name and description data available as QStrings via properties
      Make use of switch's default case
      Display conflict dialog when a bookmark is deleted on one side and changed on the other side
      Calculate coordinate equality correctly
      Display bookmark status in conflict dialog
      Reload bookmarks after synchronization
      Initial enabled/disabled state of manual sync button now complies with user sync preference correctly
      Synchronize on startup in Qt version
      Make "sync now" button functional in Qt version
      Use ControlView's syncBookmarks() method when user syncs manually.
      Synchronize automatically right after user edits his/her bookmarks
      Fix a critical sync bug which happens when user tries to sync manually
      Changes to server URL and login credentials affect bookmark API URL
      Add Marble namespace right before MergeItems, because QML needs them
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      factor out dedicated executable "marble-mobile" for mobile devices · e6aaf6c0
      Bernhard Beschow authored
      Having a dedicated executable for mobile devices should ease maintainance for various reasons:
      1) handling the smallscreen flag correctly is rather fragile and has lead to regressions in the past
      2) allows for deeper integration into the system w/o "smart" code (determining network state, screensaver handling, hardware zoom buttons, etc.)
      marble-qt looses the --smallscreen and --nosmallscreen commandline switches.
      REVIEW: 112242
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      [API change] remove MarbleModel::mapThemeManager() · 603ebd97
      Bernhard Beschow authored
      A MapThemeManager instance is now only intantiated in MarbleControlBox and ControlView.
      Any code which doesn't make use of these two classes must create its on MapThemeManager instance for listing available map themes.
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