1. 23 Jul, 2010 1 commit
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      Move MarbleAbstractRunner* from src/lib/runners/ to src/lib. Create a... · a71df0d7
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Move MarbleAbstractRunner* from src/lib/runners/ to src/lib. Create a RunnerPlugin class in src/lib, derived from PluginInterface, which adds a new MarbleAbstractRunner factory method. Add support for RunnerPlugins in PluginManager. Move all individual src/lib/runners/*Runner* classes to their own plugins in src/plugins/runner/$name. Change MarbleRunnerManager to use plugins only. Extend MarbleAbstractRunner interface to allow runners do reverse geocoding and routing. MarbleAbstractRunner does not derive from QThread anymore, threads are handled transparently by the MarbleRunnerManager. Use QThreadPool and QRunnable (new class RunnerTask) to execute runners in threads. Move route parsing from RoutingModel to plugins, RoutingModel only accepts GeoDataDocument* from now on. Transform OpenRouteService and Yours RoutingProvider classes into runner plugins. Remove AbstractRoutingProvider, not needed anymore. Add new gosmore runner plugin, it does offline routing by calling the gosmore application and parsing its output. Does nothing if gosmore is not installed or ~/.local/share/marble/maps/earth/gosmore/gosmore.pak does not exist). Routing UI can handle several alternative routes coming in now.
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      FileLoader: provide a PNT file loader so that GeoPainter could render those · b7f2bd42
      Thibaut Gridel authored
      This does not deprecate or change in any way the current PNT file loading
      from DGML files, still using VectorComposer
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      LatLonBox: fixes · 8f797881
      Thibaut Gridel authored
      - isEmpty shows if the box is uninitialised
      - center() should return 0,0 if box is not initialised
      - center() should normalize longitude result
      - united returns the bounding box of this and the given one
      - MultiGeometry uses |= to get the bounding box of all its geometries
      at last, testing in TestGeoData.
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