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    • Dennis Nienhüser's avatar
      Fix automoc related cmake warnings · ba768c96
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Fixes warnings about using automoc in relaxed mode which was required
      for keeping compatibility with older cmake versions. Minimum cmake
      version is now 2.8.6.
      REVIEW: 124333
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    • Bernhard Beschow's avatar
      have one TileLoader per GeoSceneTiled layer · ad884b3f
      Bernhard Beschow authored
      By wrapping GeoSceneTiled into TileLoader, the rendering layers are decoupled from GeoSceneTiled's interface.
      In the future, TileLoader could also monitor the network state of its tiles which may help when merging multiple tile layers in the background.
  15. 03 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Dennis Nienhüser's avatar
      Directory structure reorganization · 1a0dbc18
      Dennis Nienhüser authored
      Moves files and directories:
      1) src/lib => src/lib/marble
      2) src/*marble-qt related* => src/apps/marble-qt
         src/*marble (KDE) related* => src/apps/marble-kde
         src/qt-components/marble-touch => src/apps/marble-touch
      1) is a preparation to align the structure of installed headers with
      the structure of the library sources, so that we can build tools and
      examples in the same go and detect API changes early.
      2) results in a much more tidy src/ and more intuitive location of the
      sources of the respective applications.
      REVIEW: 112114
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    • Ander Pijoan's avatar
      GSoC2012 Vector tile rendering · 7d088689
      Ander Pijoan authored
      More documentation can be found here:
      During this GSoC2012 in order to make Marble download, render and
      manage vector data tiles, some classes have been created. The download
      url written in the .dgml file will download the tiles according to
      OpenStreetMaps tile names and it will try to parse them with all
      Marble's parsers.
      REVIEW: 106013
      CCMAIL: ander.pijoan@deusto.es
      Note: Changes in data/ (vectorosm dgml theme) have been excluded
      for now since the server used is not meant for public consumption.
  25. 08 Nov, 2012 1 commit
    • Ander Pijoan's avatar
      New dgml tag <vectortile>, with its parser and new GeoScenes · 86ab79a5
      Ander Pijoan authored
      For GSoC 2012 vector tile rendering, a new tag <vectortile> has been
      created for the dgml format and the handler for it in the dgml parser.
      In te begining it was thought to call it <vectorTile> as some composed
      words tags have also camel casing. But through the code this tile is
      compared with the backend=vectortile .tolower() tag and it didn't match
      vectortile != vectorTile. So for consistency the tag will be
      Now that there are two possible tiled layers (Image tile layers with
      <texture> tag and Vector tile layers with <vectortile> tag)
      GeoSceneTexture has been turned to GeoSceneTextureTile which extends a
      GeoSceneTiled abstract class. Also a GeoSceneVectorTile class has been
      GeoSceneTiled stores all the common data for layers containing tiles
      and then GeoSceneTextureTile and GeoSceneVectorTile can manage specific
      data related to them. Currently booth have the same dgml structure so
      this two classes have no specific attribute but they are needed
      afterwards for MarbleMap to know if its a VectorTile or a ImageTile
      REVIEW: 106009
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    • Bernhard Beschow's avatar
      TileLoader: don't load all available map themes into memory; don't reload... · 292e303b
      Bernhard Beschow authored
      TileLoader: don't load all available map themes into memory; don't reload changing map themes on own behalf
      Currently, a TileLoader instance loads *all* available map themes into memory.
      Besides consuming memory needlessly, this leads to slow startup times due to e.g. parsing and to some test cases being slow.
      However, a GeoSceneDocument gets already loaded by MarbleMap/MarbleModel.
      Therefore, the TileLoader in the TextureLayer could get its GeoSceneTextures from the currently loaded GeoSceneDocument instead of keeping private copies around.
      This patch does exacly that.
      As a result, the map appears much earlier than before, and some test cases execute virtually instantaniously.
      Moreover, when the TileLoader replaced its private copies when the map themes changed on disk, it used to crash Marble, e.g. when deleting a map theme.
      Therefore, this feature is now removed from the TileLoader.
      It should be implemented in MarbleModel such that the whole dataset gets reloaded.
      The ElevationModel now passes its GeoSceneTexture to its TileLoader instance.
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