Commit 4496aaff authored by Andreas Cord-Landwehr's avatar Andreas Cord-Landwehr
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Port away from QList::toSet()

parent c2c51a7f
......@@ -215,7 +215,8 @@ void EntryFilter::expireEntries(int setNo)
void EntryFilter::collectEntries(int setNo)
// Set up the lists/sets of filtered vocabulary
m_entries[setNo] = m_doc->lesson()->entries(KEduVocLesson::Recursive).toSet();
QList<KEduVocExpression *> entries = m_doc->lesson()->entries(KEduVocLesson::Recursive);
m_entries[setNo] = QSet<KEduVocExpression *>(entries.cbegin(), entries.cend());
// FIXME the filtering needs to be done for each word or the grammar modes get included with written or somesuch
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