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Commit fbc00733 authored by Jeremy Whiting's avatar Jeremy Whiting

Set radio button font if setSolutionFont is called after the setQuestion.

Also add .reviewboardrc file.

(cherry picked from commit ae4c63fe)
parent cc3b3f82
REPOSITORY = "parley"
BRANCH = "master"
TARGET_GROUPS = "kdeedu"
......@@ -53,6 +53,9 @@ void MultiplechoiceModeWidget::setQuestionFont(const QFont& font)
void MultiplechoiceModeWidget::setSolutionFont(const QFont& font)
m_solutionFont = font;
foreach(QRadioButton * radio, m_choiceButtons) {
void MultiplechoiceModeWidget::setQuestion(const QVariant& question)
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