Commit 1042faee authored by m.eik michalke's avatar m.eik michalke
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more fixes to the bundle script

  - another bugging quote
parent ae2b0729
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ fi
# remove static libraries, they're a waste of disk space
if $RMSTLIBS ; then
echo "deleting all static libs in ${MPTINST}/lib/..."
sudo rm "${MPTINST}/lib/*.a"
sudo rm ${MPTINST}/lib/*.a
echo "deleting all static libs in ${MPTINST}/var/macports/build..."
#find "${MPTINST}/var/macports/build" -name "*.a" -exec sudo rm \{\} \;
# only remove libs in destroot/libs/
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