Commit 2d12b953 authored by Thomas Friedrichsmeier's avatar Thomas Friedrichsmeier
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This function no longer used for a long while.

parent 7a208c7b
......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ export(
......@@ -344,30 +344,6 @@
#' @export
".rk.get.environment.children" <- function (x, envlevel=0, namespacename=NULL) {
ret <- list ()
if (envlevel < 2) { # prevent infinite recursion
lst <- ls (x, all.names=TRUE)
if (is.null (namespacename)) {
for (childname in lst) {
ret[[childname]] <- .rk.get.structure (name=childname, envlevel=envlevel, envir=x)
} else {
# for R 2.4.0 or greater: operator "::" works if package has no namespace at all, or has a namespace with the symbol in it
ns <- tryCatch (asNamespace (namespacename), error = function(e) NULL)
for (childname in lst) {
misplaced <- FALSE
if ((!is.null (ns)) && (!exists (childname, envir=ns, inherits=FALSE))) misplaced <- TRUE
ret[[childname]] <- .rk.get.structure (name=childname, envlevel=envlevel, misplaced=misplaced, envir=x)
# hidden, as this is not portable to different output formats
#' @export
"" <- function (x) {
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ rk.load.pluginmaps(pluginmap.files = NULL, force.add = TRUE,
\item{pluginmap.files}{a character vector of file names to add. This may be left empty,
if the only desired effect is to reload all active pluginmaps.}
\item{force.add}{logical. Whether the pluginmap files should also be added, if they had
\item{force.add}{logical. Whether the pluginmap files should also be added, if# they had
been previously de-selected in the settings menu, and regardless of their
priority setting. In scripted usage, this should generally be set to FALSE.}
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