Commit 54177d18 authored by m.eik michalke's avatar m.eik michalke
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added full path to port command

  - missed one
parent e6d295b6
......@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@ fi
# remove previous installation and its build left-overs
if $UPRKWARD ; then
INSTALLEDPORTS=$(port installed)
INSTALLEDPORTS=$(${MPTINST}/bin/port installed)
# make sure each instance of previous RKWard installations is removed first
for i in rkward rkward-devel rkward-binary rkward-devel-binary rkward-debug rkward-devel-debug ; do
if [[ $(echo $INSTALLEDPORTS | grep "[[:space:]]${i}[[:space:]]" 2> /dev/null ) ]] ; then
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