Commit 56dad070 authored by Thomas Friedrichsmeier's avatar Thomas Friedrichsmeier
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Experimental: Hide mini-map for console

parent f92a6055
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ RKConsole::RKConsole (QWidget *parent, bool tool_window, const char *name) : RKM
KTextEditor::ConfigInterface *confint = qobject_cast<KTextEditor::ConfigInterface*> (view);
RK_ASSERT (view);
confint->setConfigValue ("dynamic-word-wrap", false);
confint->setConfigValue ("scrollbar-minimap", false);
KTextEditor::CodeCompletionInterface *iface = qobject_cast<KTextEditor::CodeCompletionInterface*> (view);
if (iface) iface->setAutomaticInvocationEnabled (false);
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