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First testing with the new handshake workaround looks promising. Clean up some.

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......@@ -136,12 +136,10 @@ void RKFrontendTransmitter::run () {
// Could it help to start a dummy process, before that? And, if doing so, will we be able to read its output?
QProcess dummy;
QStringList dummyargs = args;
dummyargs.removeAt(3); // the --server-name. With this empty, the backend will exit
qDebug("%s", qPrintable(dummyargs.join("\n")));
dummyargs.removeAt(dummyargs.size()-4); // the --server-name. With this empty, the backend will exit
dummy.start(RKSessionVars::RBinary(), dummyargs, QIODevice::ReadOnly);
QString r_home = QString::fromLocal8Bit(dummy.readAllStandardOutput());
RK_DEBUG(RBACKEND, DL_WARNING, "This debug message is not meant to stay. String: %s", qPrintable(r_home));
backend->start(RKSessionVars::RBinary(), args, QIODevice::ReadOnly);
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