Commit 7c13e680 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham Committed by Thomas Friedrichsmeier
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Use Tree view for the file browser instead of whatever the default view happens to be set to

RKWard's file browser currently relies on the default view provided by `KDirOperator` for its file browser panel rather than defining its own preferred view. This is discouraged because:
- The current default view ("Short view") is probably not ideal anyway, as it will result in a horizontal scrollbar
- We are preparing to change the default to something much less appropriate for your use case; see {D12326}

Therefore, just use Tree View by default, which is much more appropriate anyway. We recently did this for Kate too in {D12224}

Reviewers: #rkward

Subscribers: RKWard-Devel-list

Differential Revision:
parent 19b3f4e3
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ RKFileBrowserWidget::RKFileBrowserWidget (QWidget *parent) : QWidget (parent) {
dir->setPreviewWidget (0);
KConfigGroup config = KSharedConfig::openConfig ()->group ("file browser window");
dir->readConfig (config);
dir->setView (KFile::Default);
dir->setView (KFile::Tree);
connect (RKWardMainWindow::getMain (), &RKWardMainWindow::aboutToQuitRKWard, this, &RKFileBrowserWidget::saveConfig);
layout->addWidget (dir);
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