Commit 8a748bc5 authored by Thomas Friedrichsmeier's avatar Thomas Friedrichsmeier
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Extract messages from distributions.pluginmap.

Hooray: This should finally cover all messages!
parent b25285fb
......@@ -22,4 +22,6 @@ python scripts/ --extract-only --outdir=$podir rkward/p
python scripts/ --extract-only --outdir=$podir rkward/plugins/x11device.pluginmap
# extract messages from IRT plugins: >> rkward__item_response_theory.pot
python scripts/ --extract-only --outdir=$podir rkward/plugins/irt.pluginmap
# extract messages from distribution plugins: >> rkward__distributions.pot
python scripts/ --extract-only --outdir=$podir rkward/plugins/distributions.pluginmap
# messages of embedded plugins are extracted implicitly, as part of the above extraction calls: >> rkward__embedded.pot
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