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......@@ -12,6 +12,18 @@ Things to test at the end:
- Moved installations, moved workspaces.
- Window embedding
Upcoming porting efforts: Port from QtScript to QJSEngine:
- Unforunately, QJSEngine lacks support for pre-compiled JS (QScriptProgram), ATM (Qt 5.5). We'll need some other optimization.
- Idea: Use _one_ engine for each plugin, _including_ any embedded plugins. Wrap existing JS code into a closure, exporting only the "primary" functions as properties of an object.
- Then, the scriptbackend will call plugin_a.preprocess(), etc.
- The scriptbackend knows which of the plugins it is currently dealing with, and thus can trivially relay all getValue()-calls as appropriate.
- Same approach for UI scripting.
Port from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine
- Should be mostly unproblematic
- Somewhat unfortunate that QWebElement will be gone. We might be using this to amend the context menu, e.g. for copying one section to clipboard / deleting one section, etc.
- Could perhaps be done by catching contextmenu event in JS, instead, then send to frontend, somehow.
New features in R 3.1.0 to make use of / support:
- A new browser command s has been added, to “step into” function calls.
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ GetFileNameWidget::GetFileNameWidget (QWidget *parent, FileType mode, bool only_
if (mode == ExistingDirectory) {
mode_flags = KFile::Directory | KFile::ExistingOnly;
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
// KF5 TODO: Still needed?
// TODO: Hang on Windows when trying to select any dir (also in KFileDialog::getExistingDirectory ()). KDE 4.10
// this hack works around this, by using QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory ().
edit->button ()->disconnect (SIGNAL (clicked())); // Use old and new syntax, as we don't know, which way it was connected
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