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added check for uninstaller setup to startup script

  - it's only being inserted into the startup script if installed via bundle package
parent 0d610eba
......@@ -50,9 +50,24 @@ EOF
# link watch job
sudo -u "${INSTALLER_USER}" mkdir -p "~/Library/LaunchAgents"
sudo -u "${INSTALLER_USER}" ln -sf "${INSTDIR}/share/rkward/macOS/org.macports.kf5-rkward.plist" "~/Library/LaunchAgents/org.macports.kf5-rkward.plist"
sudo -u "${INSTALLER_USER}" launchctl load -w "$HOME/Library/LaunchAgents/org.macports.kf5-rkward.plist"
# add watch job agent to startup script
if [ $(file "$2/Applications/rkward.app/Contents/MacOS/rkward.rbackend" | grep text) ] ; then
sed -i -e "1 a \
AGENT=\"org.macports.kf5-rkward\" \n\
AGENTSDIR=\"~/Library/LaunchAgents\" \n\
PLISTSOURCE=\"${INSTDIR}/share/rkward/macOS/\${AGENT}.plist\" \n\
if [ -f \"\${PLISTSOURCE}\" ] ; then \n\
if ! [ -d \"\${AGENTSDIR}\" ] ; then \n\
mkdir -p \"\${AGENTSDIR}\" \n\
fi \n\
if ! [ -f \"\${PLISTTARGET}\" ] ; then \n\
ln -sf \"\${PLISTSOURCE}\" \"\${PLISTTARGET}\" \n\
fi \n\
if ! [ \$(launchctl list | grep \${AGENT}) ] ; then \n\
launchctl load -w \"\${PLISTTARGET}\" \n\
fi \n\
fi" "$2/Applications/rkward.app/Contents/MacOS/rkward.rbackend"
exit 0
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