Commit a525193f authored by Thomas Friedrichsmeier's avatar Thomas Friedrichsmeier
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Accept underscore in name of new data.frames.

BUG: 400545
parent 36600e10
--- Version 0.7.1 - UNRELEASED
- Fixed: Underscore (_) was not accepted in names of newly created data.frames
- <browser> element in save file mode gains checkbox to control overwriting of existing files
- Fixed: <browser> element could not be set to not required
- Fixed: max.print option was not saved, correctly, when set from RKWard settings
......@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@ QString RContainerObject::validizeName (const QString &child_name, bool unique)
QString ret = child_name;
if (ret.isEmpty ()) ret = "var";
else {
ret = ret.replace (QRegExp ("[^a-zA-Z0-9]"), ".");
ret = ret.replace (QRegExp ("[^a-zA-Z0-9_]"), ".");
ret = ret.replace (QRegExp ("^\\.*[0-9]+"), ".");
if (!unique) return ret;
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