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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Choose numerical data to be plotted. Data can be organized in separate vectors,
<caption id="tab_variables"/>
<setting id="data_mode">Select the format of your data. This can either be separate numerical vectors, or a single outcome variable split by one or more grouping variables.</setting>
<setting id="x">For separate variables mode: Select one or more numerical vectors.</setting>
<setting id="outcome">For single(grouped) variable mode: Select one numerical vectors as the outcome variable.</setting>
<setting id="outcome">For single(grouped) variable mode: Select one numerical vector as the outcome variable.</setting>
<setting id="groups">For single(grouped) variable mode: Select one or more vectors by which to group the outcome variable. Group variables should have the same length as the outcome variable.</setting>
<setting id="dodges">For single(grouped) variable mode: Dodging boxes within one or more groups can be a nice option when the outcome is split by several group variables. This allows you to select, across how many group variables, boxes should be dodged ("0" for no dodging, "1" to dodge only the first group variable).</setting>
<setting id="names_mode">Method for assigning labels to the plot. "default" means, the labels are chosen automatically. If no labels are available, this will generally print the values. The other options allow you to specify the labels as literal string, or as an R statement (e.g. if the names are stored in a different variable in the workspace).</setting>
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