Commit cf10a4b9 authored by Yuri Chornoivan's avatar Yuri Chornoivan
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Make the strings in menu translatable

parent f0dd2f7c
......@@ -138,10 +138,10 @@ void TwinTable::initActions () {
// global actions
action_show_rownames = actionCollection ()->addAction ("show_rownames", this, SLOT (showRownames(bool)));
action_show_rownames->setText ("Show / Edit row names");
action_show_rownames->setText (i18n("Show / Edit row names"));
action_show_rownames->setCheckable (true);
action_enable_editing = actionCollection ()->addAction ("enable_editing", this, SLOT (enableEditing(bool)));
action_enable_editing->setText ("Enable editing");
action_enable_editing->setText (i18n("Enable editing"));
action_enable_editing->setCheckable (true);
// these actually do the same thing, but are designed to work well in the toolbar
QActionGroup *lockactions = new QActionGroup (this);
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