Fix strange preview activation / deactivation problem

parent a3fa002f
--- Version 0.6.5a - UNRELEASED
- Fixed: Preview boxes followed by a <stretch/> element would not work under some circumstances
- Fixed: Setting an output CSS file via the GUI did not work
- Fixed: Bug report feature on Windows did nothing TODO: Really test this!
- Avoid some potential encoding issues, that could cause graphical select.list to fail for certain strings, under some circumstances
......@@ -667,6 +667,7 @@ void RKComponentBuilder::buildElement (const QDomElement &element, XMLHelper &xm
widget = new RKPreviewBox (e, component (), parent_widget);
parent_widget->layout ()->addWidget (widget);
parent_widget = pwidget;
} else if (e.tagName () == QLatin1String ("saveobject")) {
widget = new RKPluginSaveObject (e, component (), parent_widget);
} else if (e.tagName () == QLatin1String ("embed")) {
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